Making Glass Gleam Again

Have your windows been marred, scratched or swirled over time? We have the perfect solution for you. Rather than spend hundreds (if not thousands) on replacing your glass, let us restore it to it's former glory with our professional glass polishing & scratch removal service.


Our process removes scratches with no sign that they where ever there, saving hundreds if not thousands on replacement windows. We have perfected our glass scratch repair process with a 99% success rate (there's always one). This is why we can guarantee all of our work with no payment made if we cannot  remove the scratch.

Whether the glass you need repairing is on your car, windows, conservatory, furniture, office buildings and even skyscrapers, we can provide a professional glass restoration & polishing service.

Why Use Our Glass Polishing Service?

Our glass polishing & scratch removal service is designed to save you money by giving you a real alternative to having to replace your windows. On average, the cost of repair is a third of the cost of replacement but in many cases far cheaper than that.

By doing so, not only will you save money and restore the look of your windows and/or ornaments, you can also increase the value of those items too. Our process can turn an item of low market value into a healthy profit with a little bit of TLC.

We don't provide broken glass repairs, more often than not this will need replacing since the final outcome won't be desirable! However, if the pane is in tact then we can almost certainly remove scratches, even deep scratches from the damaged window.

What About Do It Yourself Glass Removal Kits?

Sometimes glass removal kits will indeed do the job...but only for light scratches. Even then, when you consider the cost of buying one and then the time spent doing the job, for many it simply isn't worth it. Using do it yourself kits may remove light scratches but mostly end up leaving a hazed finish at certain angles which diminish the look of your glass.

We don't recommend using DIY kits unless you are willing to spend a considerable amount of time learning how to use them first. The glass polishing kits will demand the exact same process that we use anyway (sanding the scratch down and then finishing with a polish) which carries risk attached that we are insured to pay out for if anything fails.

Ultimately, it is up to you to weigh up the risk of trying a do it yourself kit. Are you prepared to spend the time learning about the glass polishing process, is it worth the risk if anything goes wrong, do you have the other tools required (drill) to go with the kit, are you confident in carrying out the repair? If the answer to those questions is yes then good luck my friend. If not, then please don't hesitate to call us to for a reasonable and fair price for your glass scratch repair requirements.

What can glass polishing remove?

  • Deep scratches

  • Etched graffiti 

  • Acid graffiti 

  • Sandpaper & paint scraper damage

  • Weather and water damage

  • Mineral deposits

  • Builders' sand damage

  • Concrete, weld or grinder spatter 

  • Scaffolding and construction scratches

Improve Visibility

Increase Value

 Affordable Prices

How We Work

No Hidden Fees - Our quick estimate won't change on your doorstep. We would rather spend 2 hours extra than do that. Thankfully, we have been doing this for years so you will be quoted accurately and fairly.

Bookings at a time to suit you - We do our utmost to book you in at a time suitable for your busy lifestyle. Our team understands that you may also have to cancel or rearrange. We do ask for 24 hours notice.

Professional Results - The glass polishing process that we use is guaranteed to give best results. You can rest assured that your glass will look crystal clear  once were done.

Guaranteed results or your money back - 99% of the time, our glass restoration service has the desired outcome. Sometimes, we aren't able to remove the scratch. In the unlikely event of this happening, we will give you a full refund, no exceptions.